About Us

Plimsoll Marine was formed in 1991 in order to supply both the Shipping and Offshore industries qualified Surveyors and Consultants. Originally contracted by D.I.T. – Harris to aid in the design and construction of the Offshore Loading Facility “Jose” in Eastern Venezuela for Corpoven, upon completion of this contract, operations shifted to Western Venezuela and Lake Maracaibo where the Principal Surveyor began assisting operators on Rig Moves and also began performing a variety of attendances on behalf of Underwriters.

Due to changing political and commercial circumstances taking place in Venezuela, Plimsoll Marine then moved operations to Mexico where it has maintained a presence since 1995. Actively attending on behalf of Underwriters, Correspondents, Owners and Operators both in the Shipping and Offshore Industries.

Serving the Shipping and Offshore Industries since 1994